How to play?

Enter to minecraft and add the new server. IP: Port: 25565 (Java) or 19132 (Bedrock)


You can start playing. To leave the spawn you can do /rtp to get randomly teleported withing 3k blocks away from spawn. You can have a team by doing /party create name and to invite people you can do /party invite nickname


Make sure to build your base away from the base and hide it very well so nobody can find it. You can use the commands /sethome and /party sethome to set a point to warp


You can tp to other people by /tpa nickname or bring them where you are with /tpahere but remember: Killing is allowed so be careful to whom you trust. Also you can get kits (daily, weekly or monthly) by doing /kits. Remember to vote, you can get lots of different items as rewards and every 30 votes, there will be a drop party at /spawn

Vote Rewards
Quantity Reward Type When
16 Steak Vote Every vote
10 XP Bottle Vote Every vote
10 Apple 10% chance Every vote
1 Golden Apple 5% chance Every vote
3 Ender Pearl 4% chance Every vote
1 Ender chest 1% chance Every vote
20 Emerald 1% chance Every vote
1 Wither skull 1% chance Every vote
1 Elytras Milestone 100 votes reached
1 Golden apple Acumulative Every 5 votes
16 GunPowder Acumulative Every 15 votes
1 Ghast Tear Acumulative Every 30 votes
5 Golden Apple Acumulative Every 50 votes
1 Totem of undying Acumulative Every 75 votes
1 Trident Acumulative Every 100 votes
1 Extra home voucher Acumulative Every 150 votes

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